“ Support is great. All my queries have been dealt with very quickly, usually within the hour. ” 


Luisa Smith - Chasing Tails

Chasing Tails 

Case Study

Luisa Smith of “Chasing Tails” solves her invoicing nightmare with Pet Sitter Plus

Chasing Tails


Luisa Smith


December 2012

Luisa Smith is a sole trader running a very busy pet services company based in Brighton. Today Luisa has something to smile about because business is booming, but only a few months ago her success was creating problems of its own.

It was January 2012 that Luisa rang Pet Software to tell us that she was disappearing under a mountain of paperwork. We suggested she give Pet Sitter Plus a try and today, even though Luisa’s workload has increased, her admin overhead is a fraction of what it used to be. I interviewed Luisa shortly after she went live on Pet Sitter Plus and this is what she had to say….

Richard Booty
Luisa – how has Pet Sitter Plus improved your ability to invoice your clients?

The difference is unbelievable. When I first called Pet Software it was because I needed a solution for invoicing. Creating my invoices was taking me at least 5 hours and I was getting really fed up. I used to cut information out of a spreadsheet and paste it into a word document and then have to save the results and email or post the invoice to my client. Each invoice took me about 10 minutes to produce but now it takes seconds. In fact I can do them all in about 5 minutes in a single batch.

My clients love the invoices and it has raised the profile of my business. I’ve also just used the credit control facility for the first time to remind a few clients to pay and they have responded well to this.

Richard Booty
What about bookings and diary management, how has this improved?

My original system was all based on spreadsheets. I had to enter every booking and cancellation into my spreadsheet, but this was not integrated to a diary so I had to write my diary out by hand. This was laborious. Also, I had to keep separate diaries for boarding and for walking work which took even more time.

Now with Pet Sitter Plus, a lot of my work is scheduled in seconds using the recurring services feature. Every time I book a job in the system, it appears in the diary straight away and I can see all my advance bookings as far forward as I want to go. Also, all my walking & boarding work is now in just the one diary which is great and I can see exactly what I am earning on a daily basis.

Richard Booty
Do you use the quote system?

Before Pet Sitter Plus I would rarely send out quotations but now it’s easy. When I have a new boarding client for example I can send them a quote in seconds. The clients think these are professional and it helps them to see the overall price. It also shows them that I have all the dates and pick up times correct.

Richard Booty
So what’s your favourite aspect of the system?

That’s easy – the diary – I love to be able to see what my business is earning over time, but this is closely followed by Invoicing.

Richard Booty
What feature do you think has saved you the most time?

Invoicing – this has literally saved me hours and hours of work.

Richard Booty
Have you had any positive feedback from your clients?

Yes – the clients love getting receipts via email for the payments they make and generally they think the invoices are very good.

I have just taken on a new client who was using another dog walker and they really like the fact that they can receive a monthly invoice. Before they had to leave cash out weekly which is costly for any walker to handle and also a real faff for any client. I think the clients like the computerised scheduling – its just more reliable.

Richard Booty
How do you rate the support you have received from Pet Software?

Support is great. All my queries have been dealt with very quickly, usually within the hour.




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