" The support that we have received from Pet Software has been exceptional. "


Myles Garfield-Thomas - Paws 4 Walking

Paws 4 Walking 

Case Study

" Paws 4 Walking is transformed by Pet Sitter Plus."

Paws 4 Walking


Myles Garfield-Thomas




January 2012

Paws 4 Walking is a successful pet sitting business based in Market Harborough. Employing 10 staff, the business is owned and managed by a husband and wife team Myles and Polly Garfield-Thomas. The following case study sets out how they transformed their thriving business by adopting Pet Sitter Plus.


“When we started Paws 4 Walking over three years ago we used a variety of standard software packages to run our business such as ACT (database), Word and Excel. However, as the business grew the administration seemed to be taking over our lives! New customers would be entered into ACT; the diary would then have to be created separately in Word and then the transactions for accounts would have to be entered again into Excel. With no integration, everything was dual entered and we had to keep it all in sync manually. The old system was prone to error and it was all very time consuming.


The Word diaries were emailed to the team every Friday but all changes had to be emailed or texted separately. The invoices, created in Excel, were emailed to our customers at the end of each month but this was a laborious process which took literally hours. 


" Managing the changes and calculating staff salaries at the end of each month was proving to be a nightmare! "


Over the past few years we evaluated a number of software packages, but not one of them came close to offering exactly what we were looking for until we found Pet Sitter Plus. Alleluia!!!


We started off by signing up for the 30 day free trial.


Perhaps the hardest part was inputting our customer and pet details into the system (it’s just something you have to find the time to do), but then once you get your services loaded the benefits start to become clear. First you create service orders which contain all the services for each of your clients i.e walking, home visit, day care etc, along with the dates/times agreed. Pet Sitter Plus has a simple scheduling tool which makes it easy to load these quickly. Then its a very simple task to allocate these services to the relevant members of your team.


As soon as the scheduling is complete, the team has immediate visibility of their diary either via their own PC or via their smart phones, not just weeks but months ahead! We have to say that from day one we were hooked!


" Now we have all the information we need in just one system. "


The main benefits we have found are:


  • Employees have their own user name and password to access their diary. From this they have visibility of any updates immediately and they can also see their future earnings.

  • The holiday planner allows employees to input their holiday dates

  • The electronic diary gives the team all the information they need about the pets and their visit routines.

  • PSP Mobile allows the team to access their diary from their smart phones.

  • Invoicing now takes about 2 minutes rather than 2 days!

  • Staff salaries are calculated automatically which saves a huge amount of time at month end and they are always correct!

  • Pet Sitter Plus has saved us hours upon hours of time!



" The support that we have received from Pet Software has been exceptional and the feedback from the team at Paws 4 Walking has been fabulous too. "


Our staff love the fact that they can plan ahead in their personal lives, having full visibility of their diaries for months ahead.


The feedback from our customers has been positive too. They have said it shows what a professional organisation we are; you cannot receive better feedback than that!


Pet Sitter Software has most definitely transformed our business.


" We cannot recommend it highly enough. "




Pet Software Ltd provides a market leading software for pet sitters, dog walkers, dog Boarding, dog daycare centres and kennels. Pet Sitter Plus helps pet sitters to spend more time with pets and less time on administration.

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