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" One of the biggest time savers for me is that my pet sitters now have access to an up to the minute list of their work online. "


Kelly Taylor - Taylors Pet Services

"Kelly Taylor talks about how Pet Sitter Plus has changed everything."

Taylors Pet Services


Kelly Taylor




April 2012

I started my pet sitting business in 2007. Taylors’s Pet Services is based in Telscombe Cliffs by the sea and we cover quite a wide area with a team of 5 pet sitters. The main thrust of our business is dog walking but we also provide a pet sitting service and a house sitting service.


Like many people I started my business because I really love working with animals and this part of the job has been great but no one can prepare you for the admin nightmare when you start to get busy. I was doing admin after work 6 or 7 days a week and often late into the evening and by the end of the week I literally had nothing left. My fiancee started complaining about the amount I worked and so we started to set rules about how much I could work and then I kept breaking them.


The problem was my manual admin system. It took so much time to operate and it was prone to errors. Like most people I had a paper based diary system. I would spend literally hours every evening and morning texting and emailing my staff with their schedules for the next day and there was a real limit to the amount of information I could provide.


A particular nightmare was telling a staff member what was required on a home feeding visit. I would write out a great big long note and then, the following month when they booked again I would probably end up writing this all out again.


" I didn’t invoice anyone because I was collecting cash weekly and whilst this was ok when I was small, when I got bigger it became a real problem. "


I felt like I was spending all my time running around with cash and cheques and in the end I was asking staff to do this too so I knew things had to change. It was very difficult to keep track of the money.


Also – if I got into difficulty with an account – say I got a late payer – it was sometimes very difficult to go back through my records and be sure what had happened. Often I would have to just forget about the extra walk that someone had requested because it either hadn’t been recorded or the client simply didn’t leave the money out.


There were problems with just about everything really, staff salaries was another one. When I was small my diary was usually up to date but as I got bigger it was easy to make a mistake and my diary would often be wrong. This meant that the staff salaries could also be wrong so I had to check and double check everything before I paid anyone – and meant loads more phone calls and emails etc.


All in all it added up to a life of admin in the evenings and admin at the weekends and I desperately needed a solution.


One day I had an idea that someone might have been in the same boat as me so I started looking online for pet sitting admin software and I came across Pet Sitter Plus. I was amazed when I watched the videos on their website because I was looking at a system that did exactly what I wanted it to do. I thought it all looked too good to be true. I am a cautious person especially when it comes to the internet, but I did not have to provide a credit card to obtain a 30 day free trial so that was fine and I didn’t have to pay anything unless I wanted to keep the software after the trial was over.


I was contacted by Richard Booty who manages customer services for Pet Software and he arranged a date for my free trial overview which is a sort of one hour online training course. They had tailored the system for my requirements even before I had the overview and this meant that I was able to get up and running in less time.


So what is life like now?


For me, the overview went well and I started to use the software fairly quickly. The first change we all noticed was with work scheduling. All I have to do now is record each job on the system, (which is easy by the way) and the information gets put straight into the diary of the pet sitter who is going to do the work. This happens instantly so even for last minute bookings the system works really well.


Each job can be acknowledged by my pet sitters and I have one staff member who uses the mobile app to acknowledge her jobs as she goes on her rounds. This is brilliant for me because I know exactly where she is up to in her day just by looking at my admin diary which fills up with ticks against each of her jobs as her day progresses.


" One of the biggest time savers for me is that my pet sitters now have access to an up to the minute list of their work online. "


If I assign a job to one of my pet sitters they know about it straight away and they can all see exactly what they are earning. This is great because if I do make a mistake I soon know about it! Also they get access to all the crucial client and pet information, so if I need to move a job from one person to another, this is now easy. I don’t even have to think about it because every bit of information required to complete a job is on the system.


Invoicing is another big one. Once I realised that weekly cash collection was never going to work, I started to move my customers across to monthly invoicing. The system emails out a professional invoice and statement each month and these take me seconds to produce. It was easiest to start with the new customers who really love the professional invoices. New clients all tend to be happy to pay online too. Moving my existing clients across to monthly invoicing was a slower process and I started with the ones that I thought would be least resistant to change. I imagined I would have all sorts of problems but this has not been the case and clients have been really positive. This means that I am now handling cash only once a month as opposed to 4 times which has saved masses of time and reduces mistakes. Also, because everyone pays online I am now wasting far less time driving to the bank.


" My problems calculating staff salaries have also gone away. "


My Pet Sitter Plus system tends to be almost 100% accurate because the diary and the invoice are connected– if a job is in the diary then it’s going to be on the invoice and also on the staff compensation report. Now I don’t have to check my staff pay report because I know it’s right. This is great – I just pay what it tells me to pay and I get very few staff queries.


I have been asked how much time I think I have saved overall and I think it is around 36 hours a month. I think I have saved at least an hour a day in admin time and instead of spending my Saturday morning doing admin I now spend it getting back to customers and improving my marketing. This is how it should be. Also I used to work until 9pm on a Monday evening and this doesn’t happen anymore. It’s had a big impact on the quality of my life.


Customers love the system too – even my older clients have commented on my snazzy new invoicing system and many people have commented on how easy and efficient my service is to use. I know that Pet Sitter Plus has played a big role in this. It’s quite often the case today that I will take on a new customer and hand the work straight over to one of my pet sitters but because our service works so well, I still manage to keep that personal touch with the customer and they still think they are getting a one to one service which is great.


" I have found that Pet Software is a great company to deal with. They are not a big company and they really make me feel like I am important to them. "


If I have a question that get back to me really quickly and this is so important because I rely on this system 100%.


I would recommend Pet Sitter Plus to anyone.





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