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Lookafteryourdog - Sutton Coldfield - UK


Steve Dalton


I used to use software that I had adapted for my dog walking business but this proved unreliable so I switched to Pet Sitter Plus.


Pet Sitter Plus does everything I need and if I'm unsure about anything, their friendly support staff have helped me with the answer!


Thoroughly recommended by me!




Lyn's Pets - Worcester - UK


Lyn Brehaut



After a 30 day trial with Petsitter plus and not been very good the best of times on a computer, I found Petsitter plus software excellent and very user friendly.


The main thing that I was drawn to was the customer support it is brilliant.


It has made my business completely professional and saves me so much time keeping in contact with my customers and running the business


Thank you.

ForPaws - Godalming - UK


Corrine Lisle


As my pet care business began to grow rapidly in 2012, I found I was spending an ever increasing amount of time on invoice and accounts management - time that could have been better spent working on marketing, improving services for existing customers and taking on new bookings. So when I received an email from Richard explaining about how to grow your pet sitting business and how Pet Sitter Plus can help, I read with interest!


I have to say that the Pet Sitter Plus website had me hooked from the start, an easy way to invoice customers based on the diary system, customer details kept safely in one place, receipt and credit management and even simple dashboard reports on business finances!


Then once Richard helped me set up the system initially and I familiarised myself with it on the 30 day trial, I realised it was an invaluable piece of software - I had no hesitation in continuing to pay for the software.


I now spend minutes now doing something used to take me hours, I can see at the click of a mouse who still hasn't paid and send them a standard reminder. I don't worry about how to keep track of my income for HMRC, it is all on the system. Another benefit of being a Pet Sitter Plus customer is that Richard is always on hand to offer extra help if needed and he has even spent time on the phone with me discussing how to progress my business based on his own successful experiences!


My customers appreciate the clear, detailed invoices and the simple account summaries - I've found that they now pay more regularly and on time as the system helped me set clear payment terms and remind customers of these. I also see how easy it will be to manage taking on staff in the future!


In short, Pet Sitter Plus has been a life saver for ForPaws! One less headache for a busy sole trader!

Love : Walk : Play - Brighton and Hove - UK


Darren Ferris


My new business was in the planning for some time and I wanted it to look professional in terms of invoicing, bookings, scheduling of jobs & generally run as smooth as possible. I also didn't want to be weighed down in admin after being out at work all day.


Pet Sitter Plus has fulfilled all those needs & more! The admin aspect of my business runs so efficiently it feels like it's running itself. It is such a seamless operation & has taken the stress out of potential incorrect bookings, misplaced invoices because, with Petsitter+, that just doesn't happen to me.


I know that using Pet Sitter Plus has given me the edge over my competitors as my customers are kept completely informed regarding their bookings & statements of account. I can literally raise an invoice with the click of a button that is then emailed out instantly! As a result, all my interactions with my clients are professional, consistent & accurate. It's a real bonus to be able to access my customer schedules & raise jobs from my iPhone too. Just brilliant.


The level of support is second to none & have always been able to speak to a real person on the other end of the phone if I need any help. Email responses are quick too!


The best thing of all is that I can focus & what I love doing best & that is the pets I look after.


I can honestly say that I don't know what I would have done without Pet Sitter Plus & I believe it is such great value for money!"

Contented Petcare - Glossop - Derbyshire - UK


Nicola Davies


'I set up Contented PetCare 6 years ago and have been fortunate in that it has gone from strength to strength, and we now have a team of 9 pet sitters.


My problem was that I was running the business in the same way that I had been when I took on my first 2 pet sitters, and I was spending all of my time in the office planning work, booking in jobs, arranging work with clients and pet sitters, and keeping track of payments and debts. The reason I set up in the first place was because of my love of animals and to get away from an office based job - and I was sitting in the office and not spending any time with the animals any more!


Earlier this year I decided that something had to change - I needed more time to get out with clients and less time sat at my desk, and my system needed organising to avoid mistakes happening. After speaking to Richard at Pet Sitter Plus I was assured that it would help solve the majority of the problems I was having so I decided to give the free trial a go.


The tutorials were excellent, and really went through everything I needed to know before I got started. I had lots of questions early on but they were all covered and I quickly became more confident with the system. Since then the ongoing support by phone or e-mail has been really helpful and any questons have been answered quickly.


Once we got started my pet sitters took to it much quicker than I imagined. They love being able to check their work on their phones throughout the day, and have found it really helpful to be able to access client data from one central space. The acknowledging and completing of jobs is really helpful for me to keep track of what everyone is doing, and it is really simple to move jobs from one person to another.


I use both my phone and PC for adding and removing jobs and amending client details. It is so quick and easy to keep the online diary up to date, and means that I don't have a messy diary full of scribbles any more!


One of the major benefits for me has been the invoicing. The fact that every time you amend a job it automatically updates the invoice has meant that I no longer have to keep track of who owes me how much money, or who has credits with me. The monthly invoicing system has changed everything for me. Clients who previously wouldn't consider direct bank payments are now happily and quickly paying me directly into my bank account. And all it takes is the press of a couple of buttons to automatically send the invoices out!


I am very happy with Pet Sitter Plus and can't see how I managed without it! I would highly recommend it to anyone with a pet sitting business.'



Pet Software Ltd provides a market leading software for pet sitters, dog walkers, dog Boarding, dog daycare centres and kennels. Pet Sitter Plus helps pet sitters to spend more time with pets and less time on administration.

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